Sunday Worship

If you are joining us for Sunday worship, please note our worship schedule on the right side of this page.

Secure parking is available in the Trinity Church lot which is accessible from Fifth Street, between Washington and Walnut Streets.

If you are joining us for the first time we encourage you to review the “Worship Service” information below, as this will help you participate more fully in worship.

About the Worship Service

At Trinity, we worship God with the traditional liturgy of the western church (called ’the Mass” by many Christians). Our worship bulletin contains the entire liturgy, except for the hymns. Each service has a ‘shape’ which includes:

Gathering Together

Following a welcome and musical prelude, we prepare for worship with the confession for forgiveness of sins. The service begins with an entrance hymn, which may be followed by a “Kyrie” (sung prayer) or Hymn of Praise. The Prayer of the Day sets the tone for the service, preparing us for the scriptures and sermon.

Hearing God’s Word

The first reading most often comes from the Old Testament, followed by a sung Psalm which echoes the theme of the first reading. A second lesson is usually from one of the New Testament letters. The congregation stands for the reading of the Gospel to honor Jesus who speaks to us in the lesson. The Sermon is based on one or more of the readings, and the Hymn of the Day is a response to the Sermon. The creed professes our belief in God who is revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sharing Christ’s Meal

We offer our prayers to God, seeking strength, guidance and peace for ourselves and others. Then we respond to the gospel message with an of-fering our time, talents and resources. The Great Thanksgiving calls upon God to bless the meal we are about to share with the Risen Jesus in bread and cup. All baptized believers are welcome to the Lord’s table. Please follow the directions for communing as printed in the Service Folder.

Being Sent Back Into the World

Following communion, a blessing, prayer and benediction is offered. Usually, a hymn is sung, and the congregation dismissed to serve the Lord in daily life. Many members remain in the nave to hear the Organ postlude.

Please Note: Various seasons, such as Lent and Advent, and special days of commemorations, can be occasions for variation from the usual form. The worship bulletin will reflect those changes.